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Entering the Digital World

Sub-board: The Digital Story

Yggdrasil's Decreet

The rules that Yggdrasil, the god of the digital world, as set upon this world. Those that do not follow them will meet his wrath.

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Sub-board: Submission

Data Board

Announcements and news regarding the digital world will be posted on this board, accessible in every towns as well as through your digivices. Do not forget to look at it when there is an update.

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Hakase's Laboratory

Agumon Hakase is here to answer your questions~ Do not hesitate to go in and ask something you are not certain.This zone is Guest Happy.

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Sub-boards: Approved Solo Digimon, Approved Tamers

User Information

This is where your character signs his data into the Data Center in order to be able to access the Digimon World.

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Personal Journal

This is where you list your data, thread tracker and your digimon/spirit status and evolution line.

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Sub-board: Wanted

Preparations for Adventures

This is the zone where you can post your plotter, as well as do requests like wanting someone to create a certain character, control an NPC etc.

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Digivice System Access

Sub-board: Quest Log

Time to Hunt[Quest Hub]

Quests are missions put up by NPCs, or even other players. Some times, they include hunting certain targets or travelling to unknown lands. And they give some nifty rewards, so you should always be on the lookout.

last post in Quest Making Template and Explanations by Yggdrasil Jul 18, 2015 18:34:55 GMT -5

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Contact your Allies

Everyone long range communications between two or multiple persons can be done here without requiring to be in one of the RP zones. You can do it through mail or by phone if you prefer!
-Sponsored by Datamon Communications-

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Sharing is Caring [News Network]

You have discovered something you wish to share with everyone? Want to be up to date with the latest trends of the Digital world? This is the place for it! Of course, you need the News Network application from Datamon's Electrical Supply shop in order to use it. Maybe sometimes, you'll be able to get a reward for sharing information one did not reveal yet?

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File Island

Sub-boards: Underground Asuka, Digital Center

The city of beginning: Asuka City

This is where most players begin their adventures. Located in what was previously known as File Island, it is a town in which players and digimons live together and enjoy a peaceful life.

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The Gathering Point: Central Park

Connected by a bridge to Asuka City, this park is where tamers begin their adventures. They can fight weak digimons, or head to 3 other locations: Unwavering Forest, Infinity Mountains or Shell Beach.

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Sub-boards: Divermon's Lake, Coela Beach, Dragon Eye Lake

Never-changing Forest: Unwavering Forest

In this forest, we can find multiple insect, plant and beast types digimon, as well as a few lakes and a beach. This zone leads to Divermon's Lake, Dragon Eye Lake and Coela Beach.

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The Calm Sea: Shell Beach

Connected to Central Park, this beach is quite famous since it holds hardly any danger to the tamers and their digimons. One can swim and fish in this beach without any risks. It is also said that you can travel from here to another continent.

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Sub-boards: Frozen Corpse of Death-X-Mon, Dragon Cave, Skull Valley, Protocol Ruins, Drill Tunnel

The forever stretching mountain: Infinity Mountain

A mountain said to know no end to it's height, it is also famous for its numerous dragon and bird type digimons that live there. Inside this mountain can be found Skull Valley, Protocol Ruins and Drill Tunnel.

last post in Wildeadem & Will [Kooper/Klosed] by Kooper A. J. Will Nov 22, 2019 20:45:34 GMT -5

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Never-ending Gust: Wind Prairie

A calm prairie where wind blows continually. It connects Drill Tunnel, Eiyuu City and Departure Forest together. Digimons here are non-aggresive, but can be hard to handle if you strike them.

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Sub-board: Champion Arena 1

The City of Glory: Eiyuu City

Long ago, it was said that 8 human childs had saved the digital world from the hands of a villain. Over time, a statue of them was built, but somehow, their face had not been carved. This town also holds the first Champion that players need to defeat.

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Sub-board: Trailmon Subway

Path of Farewells: Departure Forest

This Forest is small and connected to the Wind Prairie. In it's center, there is an access to an underground subway, where you can ride a Trailmon to Central or South Continent.

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Out of This World (OOC)

Flood the World

This zone is meant to allow people to have discussions of everything and nothing, host small writing games, post polls regarding people's favorite video games. In short, let yourself relax here.

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Graphic Center

You have a gallery of artworks you wish to show, or maybe request somebody to do something for you? this is the place to go.

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Sub-boards: Link Back, First Time Links

Advertising and Affiliation

For those that come from other forums and which to advertise their forums, or affiliate with us, this is the place. Of course, this zone is Guest Friendly.

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